Thursday, January 31, 2013

Demam Peplum

Yes, I got a peplum fever for those past few weeks. Hukks. So basically im having my semester break for a month now. Ahh, I was thinking what should I do at home. And I have to find something for the side incomes. Need some moneys for certain purposes later on. Firstly, I have to get my retainer back. This is because am so careless. I lost my retainer then again I have to replace it with the new one. Oh duit melayang. Secondly, I've gotta change my skincare. But but but I need to save my money for smtg else. Ahh thirdly this upcoming semester , my babes are planning for a vacation. So money again. Then the idea of selling peplum comes. I just start the business for peplum but before I sold tusung princess. Alhamdulillah my business went well so far. For peplum I just made a pre order. Tmr gonna hunt for the stocks and hopefully there wll be many choices. If anyone interested for the bulk sale or buy the pelum for me. Surely can directly pm me at fb. Also can reach me here HijabPrincess.

Ignore the tembams model. Me myself have to be a model because we dont have the patung to fit the peplum and lycra mermaid skirt. So this is the sample for plain red cherry peplum. The color are so nice. 

And this is the floral rosy peplum . I match it with purple palazo pant.
Super duper awesome. I love floral peplum.

The plain peplum match with purple palazo pant. Cool and comfy.
I love this outfit. Can wear it to the class or even for dating ;)

Polkadot peplum with the lycra mermaid skirt. My fav <3

So irls, if you wanna grab some of these collection quickly pm me in HijabPrincess.
Thanks for the support. I promise that the peplum will be the cheapest for all of you. 
All of the peplums less than rm35. 

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