Friday, November 23, 2012

Unhealty me

 I dont really have any idea what actually happened to my eating habits.She would be on my top list during my lazy day especially weekends, public holiday and such. I know that maggi have a lot of side effects but still i cant resist of this instant food. Yummy and within 3 mins its DONE. And ready to full just a sec. Yippie ! But seriously when I read those articles about the cons of instant food I would shiver but it just for a few days.

Trying to neutralize it with roti and milo. Does it works ?
Realizing there are so many side effects of this yummy maggi I have to limit the intake by now. Yes I have to. I have to stop buying meggi and boycott it like I did to McD. I know this would be hard for me and surely it does. But for the sake of Gaza I say goodbye to McDonalds. *waving hand. So yeah, maggi as well . People please let us together stop eating maggi by now. Its not only for Gaza but yeah for your own sake of healthy and happy life onward. 

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