Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Peanut butter jelly for awhile

Somehow I felt so grateful for what I have today. For what I own, for everything I love, and the most beautiful thing in life is the lesson that I learnt. Sometimes we cant compared for what we have with others. God grant everyone with their own blessings and depends on what you need.

Back to the story.

I received a text.

Him : Where at ?
Me : Taman U lah. Why ?
Him : I'll be there in a minute.
Me : What for ? * Its cloudy outside. In a minute, surely gonna rain.

Few minutes later,

Him : Get down. I'm downstairs.
Me : Huhh ? But why ?

Quickly I came down, and he gave me nasi bungkus with my fav lauk :D

Him : Quick quick. Its like raining.
Me : I just switch on the kettle jug but it was black out in a sudden. So I can't have my meggi....yada yada yada..
Him : Its rainy. I've to go.
Me : Text me when you're safely home.
Him : Alright.

p/s : Thank you so much munchkin. You've made my day. :)


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    1. Auww thanks lin for dropping by :) Wish you can correct my sentences / word/ grammar dear teacher ;)


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