Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Olaaaa people.

Assalamualikum . Its been a while since my last update. So tonight, I wish I could at least wrote something on my blog. At least 50 words would be enough and great. 

It takes time you know to write something on this blog since I left this blog almost for 2 months. Pfft. Seriously I've no more interest in writing and sharing my stories with other people. What happened to my days before ? I wrote almost everyday. And I kept squeezing my brain for a new entry. Well then, people changed. So do I. 

Something good that I wanna share tonight is next week gonna have a long break ! Yahooooooooooooooooooooo ! And my birthday is a week from now. Duhh, am getting old year by year. Turning 22 is not just a number. Its about how I grow / what I learn / any of good deeds etc etc. 

Yeay, exceed 50 words. See you later. Gonna update from time to time. Take care dolls. 

p/s : Sekali sayang musnah, tiada untuk kedua kalinya. 

tengku aten

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