Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank you :)

Dear budak,
                 I created this entry for you. AGAIN. For my second times without mentioning to the whole world who actually you are but you know you always be my special someone. Thanks for being mine. Thanks for your endless care. Thanks so much, I just want to be part of you to complete you. If u ask for tomorrow to not to come, then I shall request for today to stay. For every words that you uttered, I will kept it as mine .I tried once to deny you but you're someone that I cant resist. I tried to be camouflage too, but it seems like i am more likely to be visible to you. Just so you know, being under ur spell is the most fascinating event ever occured in my life. You know how much I heart you ? Ask yourself. The answer should be the same as mine.

7.12 pm



  1. Awwww , Aten is in loveeee :)))

  2. faa. deeply in love with the final too. :) anyway good luck for your final faa. all the best. :)

    Ni probs budak. ilysm :)


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