Sunday, December 18, 2011


Basically i only have almost 3 more weeks before my first final paper hit me. So, my first paper gonna be Geomatics paper and for the second day I got Maths Engineering 3. Seriously, both subjects are supposed to be cover within this week yet still I dont touch any books, I dont make any references yet, I dont even do any revision. *sigh. Till now, am still having a bad cough and sometimes I am hardly to breath especially during the cold night plus these days Parit Raja is like a Forks (  a place where Bella Swan falls in love with Edward Cullen ). Its freaking damn cold down here. -.-'

p/s: Tolong doakan aunty (mama nisa) . Besok mungkin beliau akan masuk operation theater. Get well soon aunty. InsyaAllah. 

with love,
tengku aten


  1. Thanks geeeee :D when is ur final ?

  2. lebih kurang la.. starts on the 5th and ends on 20th january. cuak.. >.<"

  3. uit lama jugak tu. aten 12 dah boleh balik. hehe. bye gee. :D


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