Thursday, December 8, 2011

This is not cool. Really.

Having a bad bad period pain. It feels like am having my first day experiencing menstruation. I cant even sleep and moving like I should do. How I end up is by spending my day curled up on my bed. Seriously am afraid of taking the menstrual pill. Susi told me that if I can avoid those kind of pill that would be better. Right now, I just apply losyen mustajab pati halia that belogs to susi on my tummy. Its not tummy actually, it just a bit lower your tummy area. Its called supra pubic area. Jan respond to my post just now. Thank you lovely ! :) Immediately, I boiled some water and put it into the bottle mixed up with the non heated water then it would be warm water. I put the bottle around my lower tummy area and it gives me a bit relief yet, I still unable to sleep even to shut my eyes. How pathetic. -.-'

p/s : This is also not even cool as well. Leaving me a comment written by 'anonymous'. Who are you angel ? ::sigh

aten nerd


  1. suprapubic area, lovly....chill k dear :-)

  2. aten...try mkn pil binari..kotak kaler pink khas utk remaja..insyaAllah sakit will be better !

  3. Efaaa. thank you. insylh nnt aten try. mgkin okay. :) muax. thanks much :)


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