Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pretty baby

dearest my always pretty gf,
                       Surat ini khas ditaip untuk awak di saat awak memerlukan kami-kami di sisi. Walaupun ianya ringkas tapi padat buat saya. We've been together through thick and thin, for everything we share to the shower tub to the pants, to the clothes, to the mami and ibu, to the niece nephew and sibling, to everything. I knew that you're the best out of my best. Seriously, masa saya single awak lah gf saya. Masa saya sedih saya need someone, awak lah special someone  saya that never failed to make me stable. If only you need something to share, to talk, to say, just give me a text. InsyaAllah I will make a moment stop for you. No worries. So be strong. Be tough. Stay pretty. And remember that youll always be my favourite and others too. I love you pretty. May this study week brings us more bless than sorrow. Ameen. #hugs

aten syg

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