Friday, December 23, 2011

Onlining from Library

Here we come ! 

Ho ho ho, its a HOLIDAY ! No actually it just my three days holiday before the burden of study week begin to hit on my head. InsyaAllah by tonight, me and susi will be going for a trip to Fraser Hill. It was under Photography Co-cu Class. And everyone is compulsory to go as it will contribute for our 30% carry marks later. Since this subject has no final so this is what we have to pay. Basically,we will depart from our uni around 11.30pm tonight and InsyaAllah will be in Fraser Hill for the next morning. And you you you guys whose reading this, please pray for our safety and hopefully this trip will be a blessing trip and everything will be easy.

Its gonna be freaking damn cold up there I guess because of the non stop raining these past few days. Susi's rucksack is full with few packets of biscuits, few sachets of Milo, mineral water. Plus, sweater , fleece blanket and socks just in case that I need some heat in the bus later. :)
aten NERD

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