Monday, April 11, 2011

Have a blast !

today, on my 21st birthday..i celebrated my birthday with my lovely housemate..without the existing of my family, but still. i feel blast and happy surrounded by them.. and this moment, i dedicated to all of you :)

muahhxx muahhxx

chick-en :P

i have blueberry smell .HAHA

with the paparazzi

guys, i present to you lovely susie and kakak sexy! haha

iLOVEyou guys :)

kak ja & tasya. their  face look alike. are they :O haha

again.with susi

the best theraphy ever. shopping!

good evening ANGELS

kakak sexy on the floor

ok tak dress nie? :P

with atashaa farahin merangkap teman bergaduh

hey you.yes yes you.iMISSyou

i wish i could jump higher so i could reach for the brightest star

the best housemates ever

dataran penggaram


together we reach our dream


1,2,3 snapp!! jadi model jap.

p/s : well actually all the caption above Tasha yang tolong buatkan tadi. Sorry. Penat sangat meronggeng sampai tak larat nak bukak mata dah. So sementara saya bersiram. Saya mintak Si Tasha sayang editkan semua caption dekat gambar di atas. Thanks Tasha for your help. 

aten NERD

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