Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What a game.

Hey guys. Am so sorry about my status that pop out on your facebook home every single minutes tonight. This is due to the stupid game which is so fun and funny . So am the one who also play the game. Its easy. You just need to inbox/ PM any number between 1 to 5000 to me or you friends. But please dont let anyone know about your chosen number. Then your friend has to put your number and describe about you and post it as their status. And please dont click on the 'LIKE ' button or leave any comment. People might know. So the game is no longer fun. Let it be more curious and suspend. Oh guys before am forget, this game is valid only for today. Thank you.
So this is what I got for tonight. 

p/s : hebat nye saya describe orang. diri sendiri pun hancor. -.-"
it just a game.make it more fun.

aten NERD


  1. hahahahahahahaha....mmg pnuh kat home weyh!! haha

  2. sorry sorry sorry. :)
    chill okay. it just a game.


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