Friday, January 14, 2011

Maria Elena , I think I love you !

Dear Maria , 

If you are reading mine . I hope you are doing good down there. Seriously, I think am just fallin in love with you and your blog and you writting , the way you wearing hijab, the way you talk, your craziness and what not. I mula baca blog you bila semua orang keep talking about Maria Elena. Hey siapa Maria tu ? Then am just wondering who is she uh ? Semua duk sebut sebut. Its Maria maria, you ada tengok tak vid yang die buat tu. Kelaka gila.Then I was like whatt ? vid ape uh ? Asal I tak tahu ne ? Until I ask one of my friend to pass me the link. I pun try la godek godek kan. 1st vid yang I layan is yang kuku u kaler biru tu. And I still remember that you said ' I know this is soooo last year ' Then I tergelak gelak. From that moment , I dah jadi pengikut setia blog you. My roomate lagi la dah khatam semua blog you. Dia lah yang cerita you ni ex-UTP , an engineering student. OMG ! Tak sangka budak engine pon ada yang kelakar-gila-nak-mati macam you kan. I ingat you jenis yang skema skema. HAHA. But seriously, I adore the way you wearing hijab. Its like serabai but nice. Memang sangat cool. But I tak berani lagi kot nak try pakai macam tu memandangkan I tak berapa nak cantik macam you. And I watch most of your videos. Yang paling kelakar tak leh blah time you dengan Dato tu. Frankly speaking your Bf is so cool. Boleh layan kepala you. Kira memang sangat cool la kan. Okay I guess thats all from me. Sorry, I tak dapat comment banyak bout you. Besok I ada class auto CAD pukul 8 pagi ! But overall you are great Maria. Uh-maze-ing ! Babai Maria. Oh yeah before that , I wish that I could meet you someday. It would be lovely if we can taking pictures together and I can grab your signature ! How pathetic am I. Till then, bye Maria. 

p/s : will always supporting you. ily MARIA. *Bearly hugs. :)

aten NERD

I got this from Fakhrul Ameen. He went for the PRE-LOVED event recently.
Maria, you in the middle. You rock bebeh. :)


    thank you so so soooo much for this entry!! (and thank you roomate aten!) you guys rock!! hahaha!! u pun buat engineering ke? engineers are cool kot! =p
    you're sooo sweet dear! thank you for the support, it means a lot to me!!
    i love youuuu!!!

    ps: i hope too that we get to meet up! it'll be sooo much fun kan! =D amiiinnn~

  2. Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! thanks so much for your respond. i appreciate it. ye. i pon amek engine. tp civil je kott. HAHA. emm, sure. nnt kalo ade rezeki boleh meet up. sure it would be much much fun ! thanks again maria !

  3. both of u mmg pandai cantik and cerdik and famous. goodluck and Allah bless us. ;)


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