Monday, January 24, 2011


LoL. Seems like he try to flirt w/ his own sister. HAHA.

I just got this from my adik . A 10 years old little brother already owned facebook account. Its like kids nowadays are too fast in cyber world . They got their own facebook account at the early age . Maybe I should asked ibu to start stalking on his account later. Just because I am concerned about his growing rate. Too curious to know what did my 10 years old little boy doing with his facebook account. And I did stalked on his wall before but its more about connecting him with his classmates and our relatives. But most of the time is he will spend on playing facebook games. Suruh buat homework pun dah makin liat. *sigh. Me start using Facebook when I was in matriculation college which means at the age of 18 baru ada facebook. Tapi sekarang budak tadika pun dah ada facebook. Oh my goodness, I dont think facebook can brings much benefit to the kids. And yet I dont deny that Facebook also have its own advantages but besides it also have the disadvantages. Sorry for trying to slow down the rate of growing-up in my little brother but I guess it makes me worry of him what will it be in 5 or 6 years aheads. Too advanced is not really good for me. So from now on start stalking on your little brother or sister's facebook. 

p/s : And gladly to know that Mark Zuckerberg will be closed all the facebook accounts on 15 March 2011.
Lepas ni dah tak boleh mingle around yehaaa ! Mati lah tak de facebook. No fun at all. Die die. :)

aten NERD

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  1. aten, hok psl facebook tutup tu is just an internet hoax la syg...


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