Saturday, December 11, 2010

wajib tayang

 Salam & hye everyone. So hows your day today uh ? Mine was pretty hectic as I have to help my aunty organizing her daughter birthday party . But it was so fun & blast ! We gathered all together from the oldest to the babies. Sharing, chatting, gossiping && camwhoring ! HAHA . I love to see when everyone gathered in one occasion then we pass the camera back and forth . Capturing every blast moment we enjoyed together. That is so awesome and yet am so sorry that tonite am not going to story about how the blast party started because I cant upload the pictures. I forgot to bring my cardreader home. *sigh. So, i will update about kak liya birthday party later okay.

Lets continue. So tonite am gonna share about my must-watch list movie during my few weeks semester breaks. 
This is all my MUST-WATCH movie list. Tahu tak I being so stupid asking everyone how to download the movie for free. Tanya punya tanya at last I am successfully download all my 'mengidam' movies . Euww, so sengal kan. Tapi its worth . Thanks to Bidin. Again. 


 This is the BEST movie ever. I rated it 5 star !

 This is also great.

 This is the best drama series. i love Ian Somerhalder. Auuw. :)

 I havent watching this yet. It is still in a halfway finish downloading. 

  I will watch this tonite.

 And you, see you tomorrow night. Cant wait. :)

 p/s : Am just realized that currently am so in love with kotak kotak. Bukan kotak tapi kotak kotak yang geometry tu. As in kemeja kotak kotak, baju kotak kotak, boxer kotak kotak and ape2 lah yang ade kotak kotak. Rasa macam comel je bila pakai baju kotak kotak. Thats all for tonite. Nite nite everyone. Sweet dreams sleep tight. Hugss muaxx ! Thanks 4 reading.

aten NERD

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