Thursday, December 16, 2010

Salam && hye everyone. Good morning ! So this gonna be my last entry before am leavin my beloved Kota Bharu. This morning , I woke up so early. After performed my subuh prayer I quickly have my bath, settled few thing before going out. The plan is to met my girlfriends , Epa, Nabila, Nuni , Rina & EQ before am return to Batu Pahat. Tonight am gonna leaving so, this is my last day out with my girls. Nabila now is having a long break before she returned to Adelaide. Epa had just finished her practical. Nuni is still in Kedah for an event. Rina got something to settle. EQ is starting her 1st day practical today . So, theres only three of us left . And today after fetching Epa && Nabila , we're heading to Mc Donalds Wakaf Che Yeh since Nabila is craving for McD for a while. Adelaide's McD only served a non-halal beef. Kalau nak makan burger kena tunggu balik Malaysia. Poor Nabila. Like always , when the girl meet up their girlfriends. We start to share the story & probably is about love story. Haha. For me theres nothing much to say because right now im having the path of 'riding solo' . Listen to them what good & what not. This what we call informal lesson. Thanks girls for your concern & support. I love you so muax ! After having our breakfast , hantar Nabila & Epa then I go home. And Nabila thanks for the souvenir  ! I got two keychain which is cute coala & kangaroo from adelaide ! Also a set of aussie pen & keychain. Thanks alot darling ! <3 

Since this is my last entry in Kota Bharu, I would like to say thank you to all my lovelies, bestbuddies , cousies & more more baeuty people that having a great time with me when am home. Thanks a bunch people ! Hopefully we gonna met again soon ! I love you all so much ! 

 Introducing my Bestbuddies :

Babe, keep maintain with your current size. Just nice & tok gemuk pong.
Ore kato sedak peluk doh .:P

This is sweety Nuni. Currently in UM.

This Epa. My gf when am in yt !

Girls, meet my gff ! From left : Nuni, Shikin, Rina, Epa & EQ.
Actually, they are in one geng including Nabila. Tapi I
selalu menyebok everytime dorang hangout. :)

p/s : Do pray for my safe journey tonight. Hopefully that everything will be fine . Ameen :)

aten NERD


  1. Atennnnn ! Duhhh so sweet of youuuuu ! (; hehe thanks babe. im gonna miss you. Mana ada aten menyibok. Mmg sek2 ni kalu ado gapo2, WAJIB ajok Aten ! hehehe. So dont worry. You're one of our part ! (: Love you babe. Ohh, not to forget, please have a safe journey okay and GOOD LUCK !

  2. u're very much welcome babe, and thanks too! for fetching me, for the breakfast and for the talks of course. hoping that i'll see u again before i go. love u muaaaahhhh! ;)

  3. Nuni & Nabila : thanks babies. ily girls muax muax !
    farah: Hye blogger cun ! :P


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