Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pretty people

Hey girls I bet you want to know this. Its all about beautiful girls . Have you heard what the rumours spreading in this town ? Have you heard what they talking on the street. Maysaa Maysaa Maysaa. The colabration of Yuna & Hana T.
Everybody is busy posting about MAYSAA. Here and there. Maysaa everywhere. But I am lil bit upset because I dont have the opportunity to attend this beautiful event. Quite jealous here . My second cousin already upload her picture with Yuna & Hana when she at Maysaa last two days . OMG, you went there ! It was so lovely. Most of the people attend are hijabi fashionista , fashionista blogger , yuna & hana 's fan and more . Also you have a chance meet more hijabi fashionista & famous blogger if you were there. Especially Nurulcakapcakap , Maria Elena , Sue Anna & many more. I love the way they dressed. The way the wearing hijab. Its not like if you are wearing hijab you will look out dated or what. But if you are smart creating the style, you will look more gorgeous and adorable just like those fashionista. I adore them so much. So there's no wrong in fashion as long as you know the limit. Let see what they got on that day . Loads of beautiful girl there. Awesome ! 

From left : Sue Anna & Maria Elena

This is the super duper NurulCakapcakap

Thats all for today. With that I rest my keys. Hee. Okay girlss have a great wednesday. 

P/s : I wish I could be there too. Tskk. :'(

aten NERD

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