Friday, December 31, 2010

New year comes again

Hye everyone. How you doing ? Hopefully everything just great. I am just realized that we only left a few hours before a new year begin. How times fly *Sigh. This year there are so many ups and downs happened in my life. Looking back on the months gone by , as a new one starts and the old one ends. So today I am just taking this liberty to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. May Allah shower us with His barakah, happy life, grant His rezq , newly love happiness and good day onwards. Ameen.

I am so sure that everyone has their own new year's resolutions. But new year's resolution is like a babies. It is fun to make yet it so difficult to maintain. So today I just wanna share my new year's resolutions.
 Dont laugh !

On my wish list.

1. Be a good daughter to my parents.
2. Grab good results.
3. Being nice to everyone.
4. Forgive someones.
5. Concentrate more on studies.
6. Less bitch-ing with my girlfriends.
7. No play around.
8. Lose weight. I wish for a a flat tummy. Taknak boroi dan bunch.
9. New year, new life, new nap, new lap, new track.
10. Being more matured and grow up.

im dying for this thingy. someone pleaseeee ?

p/s : HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS. May this 2011 brings more luck and prosperity.

aten NERD

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