Sunday, December 5, 2010

Its fun

I just got this from MIMI while we on a chat just now.

Okay girls,time to confuse the boys!if you are single write 'spongebob' on your status and if you are taken write 'patrick'.Pass this on every girl on chat....Don't tell the boys; it's a girl's thing.

So I post this to every girls that appears online in my chatbox. Most of them got confused and ask me bla bla.
Then I replied you have just to post the answer instead of asking me why. Its worth trying . This is fun. So lets make a fool to them guys. HAHA

P/s: woot woot. Boys, am so sorry if you cant take this as a jokes but this is fun. Seriously. No offence kay.  Oh btw, nite everyone. Have a nice dreams. Hoping for a better tomorrow.

aten NERD

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  1. emm,,spongebob patrickk...hahahaa...lucu larhhh..~emm,,sy plih cik mr. crab laaa mcm 2,ultraman,,sin chan pun bole laaarrhhh..haha,,heeee..joke33~,,likee33


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