Thursday, November 18, 2010

cow cow moo

Cow cow moo. Did you smell what the rock is cooking?.HAHA. I can smell cow everywhere. The smell of beef. Indeed. During eid adha ,Kelantan is the best place to celebrate this raya. Actually I have no idea about the statement but commonly most people say that kelantanesse was very excited during this eve compared to raya puasa. Even though I am half kelantanese & half terengganu yet I still love celebrating eid adha in Kelantan. To be honest, I had asked ibu for once,' bakpo ayah suko rayo haji kat klate?. Then she replied. Ho la kakak mugo kapung dio. Ore klate ne kreatif nga panda masok. Lembu sekor tu abih guno wat make. Kiro tok bazir lasum lah. HAHA. Then the conversation end up with burst out laughing. What is so special during this raya actually is you have the opportunity to taste all the tasty and fatty food which was cooked using a certain part of the cow. For instance, the most common popular food where you can get is 'sup perut cicoh air ase' , 'daging goreng' , 'sup gearbox' , 'sup perut', 'pelepung' n etc tec. Loads more. I cant list all of them here. But to make you all more clear most of them are making the benefit to the whole part of the cow. Lidah bakar. I never taste it but It is so tasty I guess. Lagi lagi kalau kena dengan selera memang confirm dua pinggan nasi tak cukup taw. So if you guys wanna try all those tasty food you're most welcome to Kelantan. Malaysia truly Asia. Hee.

Oh not to forget, I want to upload few photos of days back then when I was in my hometown . Sempat lagi pergi pantai tangkap gambar. Please ignore my outfit because I dont plan to go there for a photoshoot. Baju pon maen tangkap muat aje. These photos was taken at Pantai Cinta Berahi but now it is currently known as Pantai Cahaya Bulan as in PCB. I just love the old name.. hOOhAA. Gelenya teh. wek wek. HAHA.

IGNORE my outfit. please.


Nice view. Is it ?

Thats all for today. Thanks for reading this entry. Hoping that all readers will enjoy. Thank you.
Salam Eid Adha. May Allah shower us with His barakah. Ameen.


  1. realyyyyyyyyyyyy nice.u are so beuatiful.i;m jeles maybe dgn u.


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