Friday, November 12, 2010

Bubble Bhesse Beger

Bubble Beese Beger.*

you you you
The factor of my weight gained lately.
And because of you I had rather ask anyone 
especially Susi to go to the nearest Mc D
to have you for my break-luch or dinner
Thank you for make me fat.You added me some fat.
Your contribution towards fat is highly appreciated
Sigh -.-"
Everyweek I will get you in my tummy
And now I have no idea how to make myself 
slimmer just like before.
You the one who make me addicted to.
I wish that I could hate you but Im sorry
I just love you even more.
See you next week sweetheart.

I HEART you, Double Cheese Burger.

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes sayin aiyoo gotta let go.
Double cheese tell me that you love me more than I love you. :)

 p/s: I dont know why I keep myself watching this beautiful lady 24/7.
Do you envy her as I do?


Blair Waldorf 

aten NERD


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