Thursday, January 31, 2013

Demam Peplum

Yes, I got a peplum fever for those past few weeks. Hukks. So basically im having my semester break for a month now. Ahh, I was thinking what should I do at home. And I have to find something for the side incomes. Need some moneys for certain purposes later on. Firstly, I have to get my retainer back. This is because am so careless. I lost my retainer then again I have to replace it with the new one. Oh duit melayang. Secondly, I've gotta change my skincare. But but but I need to save my money for smtg else. Ahh thirdly this upcoming semester , my babes are planning for a vacation. So money again. Then the idea of selling peplum comes. I just start the business for peplum but before I sold tusung princess. Alhamdulillah my business went well so far. For peplum I just made a pre order. Tmr gonna hunt for the stocks and hopefully there wll be many choices. If anyone interested for the bulk sale or buy the pelum for me. Surely can directly pm me at fb. Also can reach me here HijabPrincess.

Ignore the tembams model. Me myself have to be a model because we dont have the patung to fit the peplum and lycra mermaid skirt. So this is the sample for plain red cherry peplum. The color are so nice. 

And this is the floral rosy peplum . I match it with purple palazo pant.
Super duper awesome. I love floral peplum.

The plain peplum match with purple palazo pant. Cool and comfy.
I love this outfit. Can wear it to the class or even for dating ;)

Polkadot peplum with the lycra mermaid skirt. My fav <3

So irls, if you wanna grab some of these collection quickly pm me in HijabPrincess.
Thanks for the support. I promise that the peplum will be the cheapest for all of you. 
All of the peplums less than rm35. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Library for benefit

 Can you see what is waiting for me during this boredom weekend ? 

Happy weekends guys, me gonna enjoy all these movies soon.
Pampering myself after such a long tiring week. Seriously,
this semester is a tough one but Alhamdulillah still can 
survive dengan kudratNya. 

A :p

p/s : Pengaruh Istanbul Aku Datang yang makin menebal. Maaf :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Unhealty me

 I dont really have any idea what actually happened to my eating habits.She would be on my top list during my lazy day especially weekends, public holiday and such. I know that maggi have a lot of side effects but still i cant resist of this instant food. Yummy and within 3 mins its DONE. And ready to full just a sec. Yippie ! But seriously when I read those articles about the cons of instant food I would shiver but it just for a few days.

Trying to neutralize it with roti and milo. Does it works ?
Realizing there are so many side effects of this yummy maggi I have to limit the intake by now. Yes I have to. I have to stop buying meggi and boycott it like I did to McD. I know this would be hard for me and surely it does. But for the sake of Gaza I say goodbye to McDonalds. *waving hand. So yeah, maggi as well . People please let us together stop eating maggi by now. Its not only for Gaza but yeah for your own sake of healthy and happy life onward. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Peanut butter jelly for awhile

Somehow I felt so grateful for what I have today. For what I own, for everything I love, and the most beautiful thing in life is the lesson that I learnt. Sometimes we cant compared for what we have with others. God grant everyone with their own blessings and depends on what you need.

Back to the story.

I received a text.

Him : Where at ?
Me : Taman U lah. Why ?
Him : I'll be there in a minute.
Me : What for ? * Its cloudy outside. In a minute, surely gonna rain.

Few minutes later,

Him : Get down. I'm downstairs.
Me : Huhh ? But why ?

Quickly I came down, and he gave me nasi bungkus with my fav lauk :D

Him : Quick quick. Its like raining.
Me : I just switch on the kettle jug but it was black out in a sudden. So I can't have my meggi....yada yada yada..
Him : Its rainy. I've to go.
Me : Text me when you're safely home.
Him : Alright.

p/s : Thank you so much munchkin. You've made my day. :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

Mint green is now everywhere. I cant see any other color except for mint green. How I'm in love with this color. So red, bye-bye for you now. Hee. Till we meet again.

Can you see the color ? Somehow This color bring softness to me.

Olive green or mint green ? Cooling eyes. Seriously. 


Will update more sooner. Btw, im going back to Johor this coming monday. I'll be depart at 1055 insyaAllah will touch down KL around 1155. :) Do pray for my safe journey. Ameen.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Skin care

When it comes to skin care I think I am the most lazy person to apply something on my face. But ( there's a but hihi ) it was years ago . Seriously I felt like I dont really have time to take care of my skin. However I always dying for flawless, moist skin like the one in SkII adverts. Shame on me man. How come I can have that healthy , flawless moist skin if I dont earn some. Like people said, to gain some, you have to give first right ? I kept complaining to my mom, why my skin is not smooth ? Why is this ? Why is that. And of course there's so many whys. I asked my mom to recommend something good for my face. My mom advised me not to try any skin whitening product. Then she said why dont you try Nutrimetics first because I told her that my friend got SkII and now she had a radiant skin. Then she said, yes you can have skII once you reached 30+ because right now you have a combination skin. It was oily at my T-zone and dry at the cheek area. Now I understand why people mostly at the age of 30+ they will have skII. Actually the cleanser itself is good for a person who has a dry skin or less oily skin. For me, I have to use something that can absorb the oil. This can avoid the pores from clog. Well, after a month using this Nutri -care skin set my face is not that dry as before and Alhamdulillah there's no more pimples. And now I'm in love with Nutrimetics. I think this product really works on me. Well, it depends on each person. Sometimes, we have to consider our skin type what is good for our skin. That is the best way to choose your skin care.

As for now, I have Skin Clean which is cleansing milk. If you wore make up, you have to have this to avoid your pores from clogged. How to apply ? Its easy. You just need to massage onto your moist face. Then, rinse it with the apricot foaming cleanser. Make it bubble first and then ready to rinse. Ahh, how clean your face now. Next step is to apply Skin Fresh a toning lotion. Yes, toner will help you to cleanse the leftover dirt on your face also shrink the pores. Now, ready for the eye creme. Me myself have a serious dark circle so I need to sacrifice my RM75 for this tiny tube 15ml eye creme. Last but not least, dont forget the moisturizer. The beautician said my skin needs extra -light moisturising creme. As simple as that, now I felt more confident even I dont apply any make up for my night class. 

For more info, you can just click on nutrimetics. Lets have a good skin care for our skin. 

p/s : Well done ! Finally, I just done my blogging. The main reason is Mr. AS is very busy doing his PSM now. So, I need to make myself busy or else I cant stop myself disturbing him doing his work. Duhh, my bad. :/ Yess blog, you will be my mate for these while. :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

My best companion

Dalam hidup saya tiada apa yang lebih baik daripada teman hidup saya. You know my mum is my best companion of all. And seriously apabila di rumah saya akan sentiasa berkepit its like 24/7 berada disisi nya. Kemana sahaja pergi mesti bersama. Shes also can be dating with. I mean keluar berdua tanpa sebarang anasir sangat menyeronok. Bila mana anda berada jauh dari keluarga dan rumah, semestinya anda akan merindui saat manis bercerita, bersuka-duka bersama, gossip-gossip mesra, gurau senda. Oh mommy, i feel like wanna hug you now. How I miss to be home. Raya haji is soon, macam kena usaha untuk balik even tiket semua dah sold out dan tiket flight semuanya melonjak naik macam nak gugur semua bulu bila tengok harga. My mom is now own a fb account. Gosh this is trouble. I mean from now on I have to be extra careful about my words. What I post and what I updates.